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With a wealth of industry knowledge, business electricity prices will help you get the best commercial electricity deal for your company.

In the current climate everyone are cutting costs to save money to get themselves through this uncertain period so with continuous price rises from your electricity company, is here to help. The business electricity prices, business energy team compares prices from all the UK commercial electricity providers to find the best deal on commercial electricity for your business.

How does commercial electricity work?

The business electricity prices business energy team will evaluate the needs of your business and advise you on the best supplier for your commercial electricity. If you choose to, you can then switch to the alternative supplier with the help of our specialised consultants.

Is there a charge to use

Nothing - our service is free. We are paid a small commission from which ever supplier wins your business, when a business switches with our impartial service.

Switching made simple

Business electricity prices business energy team have access to the latest rates, sourced directly from suppliers. The service is impartial and free for you to use. Contact the business electricity prices business energy team to find out how you could reduce your commercial electricity bills with an energy deal tailored to the needs of your business. Business electricity prices heads a British group of independent energy brokers, negotiating commercial electricity and gas, bill savings of up to 60%.

Our combined buying power and calculators loaded with major brand UK energy suppliers, The Power Switch helps thousands of commercial customers every year across England, Wales and Scotland to save money on their commercial electricity bills.

With years of experience in the UK commercial energy supplier market, our electricity price comparison calculators can benefit both industrial and commercial consumers.

Business electricity prices helps consumers compare leading commercial electricity and commercial energy tariffs using all UK suppliers including some cheaper online rates unique to business electricity prices. has real time supplier's prices – we partner with leading providers like British Gas, E-ON and Npower so you can compare all tariffs with ALL supplier rates and buy online in minutes.

We also negotiate bespoke electric and gas rates for commercial, industrial & business clients so you can switch from your local electricity board or you can control your own commercial energy contract purchasing We just do what we do best getting our clients the cheapest commercial electricity prices.

When it comes to finding the best business electric energy provider to get the lowest prices and tariff there are many companies to choose from. However, it is possible to get cheap rates whilst maintaining the best service possible. Many power suppliers complete in the business energy market now it is degregulated and regulated by Ofgem. It's easy to get a new online quote for your business and we have everything you need on this website.

Commercial Electricity Suppliers have searched the entire UK market and continuously update the site with the cheapest commercial electricity prices. So you can compare online with confidence the various offers and rates to keep your commercial electricity prices as low as possible. Get a quote online it’s easy! Just fill out the short form above to see the best rate for you.

Commercial Electricity Tariffs

Most businesses searching online are looking to compare commercial electricity and gas prices for their business in an attempt to save money and perhaps switch to another supplier. Now there is an almost free market in the UK the majority of businesses can pick and choose which company they want to supply their offices. In essence it's as easy as moving your telephone supplier and change tariff. Watch out for the contract terms as sometimes these companies want to sign you up for a long term agreement. But generally most are the same and it's just the price that changes.

Commercial Gas Supplies as Well

You can also Get quotes for commercial gas with just as much ease, You would be surprised at just how low we have sourced cheap commercial gas for our clients.

FAQ's about your supply number

The supply number is a exclusive reference number that identifies the electricity meter installed on your property. It is officially known as the "Meter Point Administration Number" (MPAN for short) but is more commonly called the supply or 'S' number.

The full MPAN is 21 digits long and is printed on your electricity bill in a series of small boxes as in the example below.


Profile Type

Every property has a profile type and it indicates to the electricity supplier how electricity will be consumed throughout the day.

From a business point of view there are SEVEN profile types:

The first six are known as non half hourly sites
03 - Non-Domestic Unrestricted
04 - Non-Domestic Economy 7
05 - Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 0-20% Load Factor
06 - Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 20-30% Load Factor
07 - Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 30-40% Load Factor
08 - Non-Domestic Maximum Demand >40% Load Factor
00 - indicates that this is a Half Hourly site which means the meter is read automatically every half an hour. To obtain a quote for a 'HH' site we will need a copy of the HH data for the last year. This can be obtained by requesting it from your current supplier, they can email this to you in excel format.

Meter / Time switch

This number indicates how many registers (meter reads or dials) your electricity meter has and what times they will operate during the day.

Duos / LLF indicator

The Line Loss Factor specifies the expected costs the distribution company will charge the supplier for using the cables and network in your region. It also indicates to the supplier the potential charges due to the loss of energy incurred whilst getting the electricity supply to your meter.

Distribution Identifier

Ranging from 10 to 23 this number identifies the local distribution company for your electricity supply. The distribution company is responsible for the management of the distribution system and electricity wires which transports the electricity to your meter.
10 - Eastern Electricity
11 - East Midlands Electricity
14 - Midlands Electricity
15 - Northern Electricity
17 - Scottish Hydro-Electric
18 - Scottish Power
19 - Seeboard
20 - Southern Electricity
22 - SWEB
23 - Yorkshire Electricity

Unique Reference Number

This is a unique reference number within the distribution area, which identifies the meter in your property.

Check Digit

This number is calculated from the distribution ID and meter point ID number to provide a check digit that other systems can use to validate the both numbers.

Learn more about how can significantly reduce your commercial electricity and gas rates, You Can call us on 0208 702 0698 or fill in our short enquiry form at the top of this page.

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Business Electricity Prices will find you the best electricity tariffs available for your business, then take care of the switch on your behalf, free of charge!

The Energy Team at business electricity prices searches the whole UK market, working for you not the supplier.

For a no-obligation quote, fill in the quote form above or call 0845 226 0046 to speak to an advisor

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You were very efficient and made the transfers very simple and have saved us a considerable amount of money on our utility bills. We shall contact you again next year to insure that we are receiving competitive rates from our suppliers.

Fiona Kelly - Luminite Electronics Limited


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