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We’re here to help you to make the switch from a broad choice of business energy suppliers. Our know how helped many businesses with their decisions to move over to commercial electricity suppliers that are best suited to them.

It’s not always easy to make that choice without knowing a little about the different business electricity suppliers in the UK. A great place to start is an overview of the ‘Big Six’. The Big Six are the largest suppliers of energy in Britain, and made up of British Gas, E.ON, SSE, EDF Energy, NPower and Scottish Power.

Choosing British Gas

British Gas is one of the leading business energy suppliers in the country, providing services to both small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations.

One of the benefits of choosing British Gas as a business electricity supplier is the way it helps business, particularly large corporations, to find greener alternatives to driving their energy.

Microgeneration is one such method that businesses use to reduce their carbon footprint. This is achieved by working with British Gas to asses areas in which a business can find a renewable alternative to traditional energy usage. The business is then advised on the best way to progress, finding the most viable options available that works best for each business site.

The added bonus is that by using the British Gas Feed-In Tariff scheme, the customer is paid per unit of power produced. A bonus payment is made for any excess unit of energy that’s exported to the grid.

E.ON Business Energy

E.ON Business Energy provides over 5 million households and organisations with power. Many SMEs (small to medium enterprises) choose E.ON over other commercial electricity suppliers.

For E.ON’s customers, it’s ideas such as the Energy Toolkit that has really helped many customers save money by reducing their energy consumption. As one of the UK’s biggest business energy suppliers, this has really helped smaller companies keep their energy spending in check.

Starting to reduce business energy can be as simple as using one of E.ON’s business energy monitors, or speaking to their energy advice line.

Switch to Scottish Power for Business

Scottish Power has refined its services to suit the requirements of micro to medium organisations and larger corporations. This has helped to tailor tariffs and services to get the best results for many different business types.

For smaller businesses, Scottish Power offers a selection of services to save energy. This includes energy saving tips to reduce electrical usage in every area, including heating, lighting, ventilation, and appliances.

For large corporations that have chosen Scottish Power over other business electricity suppliers, they are seen as business partners. Working closely with corporate accounts, Scottish Power has flexible rates with an account manager to help customers get the best out of the market.

Why choose SSE?

SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is one of the UK’s preferred business electricity suppliers for its adaptability with working with a range of differing business areas.

SSE provides fixed and flexible tariffs for companies, with teams of experts to offer the best options for reducing energy usage and CO2 output. Reducing CO2 output is even more important since the introduction of the CCL (Climate Change Levy) for larger businesses.

The benefits of choosing SSE are access to experts and engineers to improve a company’s energy infrastructure, and the installation of Smart Meters for more accurate readings.

Switch to EDF Energy

EDF Energy is part of the European EDF Group, and the largest supplier of low carbon emission electricity. This makes it one of the most environmentally aware business electricity suppliers in the country.

Among EDF Energy’s business tariffs is the New Start Contract. This is great for businesses starting out or moving to a new site.
Because settling into a new energy contract can be hard to manage, the New Start Contract is set at a fixed cost of 5p per day, taking the hassle out of new contracts.

Making NPower your chosen Energy Supplier

As one of the country’s largest commercial energy suppliers, RWE NPower Ltd was originally known as Innogy plc until 2002 when it was acquired by German company RWE.

RWE NPower has tailored services for small, medium and large businesses, with a selection of fixed priced tariffs. NPower’s fixed price contracts ensure that costs are set during the course of a contract’s term.

NPower has set up a host of ways to help customers save money and energy with a series of smart initiatives.

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